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  1. Hi! Will be very thankfull if anybody have a clue how to solve the following. I'm trying to call "mciSendCommand" from Windows media-library "winmm.dll": WinAPI: MCIERROR mciSendCommand( MCIDEVICEID IDDevice, UINT uMsg, DWORD fdwCommand, DWORD dwParam ); The problem is that dwParam is supposed to be for instance the address (just as dword or int) of the following structure (this may vary): WinAPI: typedef struct { DWORD dwCallback; MCIDEVICEID wDeviceID; LPCSTR lpstrDeviceType; LPCSTR lpstrElementName; LPCSTR lpstrAlias; } MCI_OPEN_PARMS; I was thinking to pass "address" of this structure as a pointer but signature is not accepted then... looks like I have to pass "integer" but how to get this integer..? While programming in Delphi I just simply passing something like "Longint(@OpenParm)" and everything works well. Moreover depending on the command I need sometimes I need to check return results that will be stored in this (similar anyway) "structure" after invokation. Is it possible to sort this out just with help of xFunction or I should write my "transition" dll to arrange this. Thanks in advance.