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  1. svetlozarp

    Debugging JET?

    How I can debug java native code? There is not enougth information in help pdf file about it. How to use Visual C++ IDE to debgug java native code that is linked in separeted DLL module?.
  2. Maybe this was allready discussed but anyway .. Is it posible to make static library from obj files produced from jc and link directly to other modul none java dll or none java exe. I have tried to use converted dll to static library but without luck. Generally i have Dll C++ modul and want to include all java stuff inside.
  3. svetlozarp

    .usg file is empty!!

    Thanks, now works fine.
  4. svetlozarp

    .usg file is empty!!

    I have C++ application that uses Java in dll with perfect mode. I dont have problem to compile on version 3.0 in single dll. After upgrade to latest versin of Jet the .usg file remain only with: "JET Usage List, v 3.15 " ... in fact empty. I have compiled test application from "Invocation" and it work without problem. Input for dll is sigle jar file, there is no external classes. bat file: " SET jdkdir=F:\Java\j2sdk1.4.0 SET jetdir=H:\dev\Jet SET JETVMPROP= jc =p =a Some.prj SET JETVMPROP=-Djet.usage.list Some.exe set JETVMPROP= " project file: " +nolaunchpad -gendll+ -dllname = dllName -main = com/../SomeClass !if perfect then !module Some.usg !end !module Some.jar " Any idea?