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  1. I use xFunction evaluation version and JET 3.5 Pro. My program works fine before I compile it with perfect mode. After compiling with perfect mode, I got the follow error message, did I do anything wrong ? Exception in thread "Thread-1" java.lang.Error: xFunction internal error: unexpe cted ClassNotFoundException occur: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.excelsi or.xFunction.Callback Regards, Jack
  2. Not like that, my resource files such as image files are all working fine, but only the sound effect are not there. They are both in the same folder, so I am confused. The other thing I must let you know is I compiled my program in perfect mode, so I only need to copy my program (exe file) and all the resources it needs to the target machine, am I right? And I've copied the same program folder to the target machine before I ran the program. As I know, after I compiled the program in perfect mode, I do NOT need to copy anything else but the program and the resources, right? One more question, does the program after perfect compiling support .au audio file? Jack
  3. Hi there, I'm using JET 3.50. After I successfully compiled my program, it works fine except one audio problem: The audio part of the program doesn't work on any machine except the machine I installed JET 3.50 software, why? I'd like to know there is any thing I need to do more than I did above? Thanks in advance for any reply. Jack
  4. Hi There, I compiled my program by JET 3.5, it works fine on windows 2000. But when I run it on windows NT 4.0, I could not hear the sound. Does anybody know this before? I'm using JET 3.5, jdk 1.4.1_01. Thanks for any suggestion. Regards, Jack
  5. Hi mavr, Thanks for your reply. Would you mind to tell me what is your_app.exe ? it is the exe file before compiling with +perfece or after ? The reason I ask this question is I did not get nothing after I did what you said (the exe file I used is after compiling with +perfect). Thanks in advance. Regards, Jack
  6. Hi There, I converted a program uses java.applet.AudioClip to SWT, the audio clip is working fine. it works fine after I compile it by JET without +perfect option, too. But, there is silence (no sounds) after I compile it by JET with +perfect option, does anybody have such experience before? Regards, Jack
  7. Hi mavr, Thanks for your reply. After a couple of days research, the problem seems like the program can't refresh the client area when the caller is active. it refreshes the client area immediately after I close the caller, so that's weird like there's something prevent the program using some resources of the system, ... Regards, Jack An
  8. Hi There, I got a problem when I called the program from another program, the situation is like this: I wrote a program with eclipse and compiled it with JET 3.15, it runs fine when I start it from win2000 command line with command line parameters, looks good. But when I start it from another program with the same way as above (the same command syntax and the same parameters), but it not respond, ... Is there anybody know anything about it? Jack An