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  1. malo

    Memory Exception while running project

    Here is a note I got as a reply to a similar question in another thread: As a workaround, you may try to set fixed heaplimit. It may be done even without recompilation of your application - via batch file running your application: SET JETVMPROP=-Djet.gc.heaplimit:80m YourApp.exe
  2. malo

    Performance questions

    Hi, I don't know how you exactly compiled your application, but I think it's just the big JET .dll's that are either already loaded in memory, or they are loaded faster because they are cached from harddrive in memory cheers Markus
  3. malo

    Uncaught exception: Out of memory

    Hi, thanks for the answer. I studied the GC behaviour further and found that you are correct. But I still have a problem here: 1. if I use adaptive, my application cannot use virtual memory 2. if I use a specific heap limit, and the limit is lower than the physical memory, I run in the same problem as 1. 3. if I use a specific heap limit, and the limit is higher than the physical memory, my application will soon start to use virtual memory, doing a lot of swapping although not necessary The problem is: I don't know the amount of physical memory of the target system The following strategy would be useful: - when reaching the physical limt, do a garbage collection/compaction first - if this is not sufficient, go on to the virtual memory Is something like this possible? Currently the only option I see is to set the heap limit to 1.5GB and invoke the garbage collector manually or to increase the periodic garbage collection time of JET. Or I use "adaptive" and check the available memory regularily to abort operations a little ahead of running out of memory. Because if I wait to get the first OutOfMemory exceptions, it is usually too late (they occur at places where you cannot catch them or where it is not possible to get the application in a stable state) Thanks, Markus
  4. malo

    Uncaught exception: Out of memory

    Hi, I experience a similar problem. A Java application that runs fine under VM gives this message "Uncaught exception: Out of memory" sporadically (when I load big files with my application - however, not as big as they should cause memory exceptions). Memory is set to "adaptive", this should grow the memory as desired, correct? I'm currently playing around with the memory settings Thanks, Markus
  5. Hi, I just the JET professional trial version until we purchased the full version. After some time, an application compiled and installed with the trial version does not start anymore, license expired - ok. However, a bug (known??) is that you cannot even uninstall the application anymore! Well, I guess it is ok to just remove it manually from the harddrive. Cheers, Markus
  6. malo

    Windows shutdown

    Hi all, is there any way to catch the closing of a JET compiled program when Windows shuts down? Also, can you determine when the system goes into Standby or Hibernate mode? Thanks, Markus
  7. Hi all, I redesigned this part (using JTimer) and now it works fine. So no problem with JET Thanks, Markus
  8. malo

    comm api

    Hi, one of my application uses commapi, and it works fine after it is compiled with JET. Make sure that javax.comm.properties and win32com.dll is in your local directory when you start you .exe cheers, Markus
  9. Hi, thanks for the information. In fact, I'm not using invokeLater. I will change this and see if there is an improvement. Regards, Markus
  10. Hi all, I installed the evaluation version of JET and my application compiled right out of the box. Very nice. When running the exe it even seems a little faster than running the Java files. However, one function of my application got really slow (it takes 2 minutes instead of 10 seconds). What I do is: Separate thread: - Read a file line by line (file has 18000 lines) - do some processing (involves creation of some strings) - add the line to a JTextArea Main thread: - Display a progress bar dialog I played a little with the heap settings with no success. Here the strange thing: If my application does not have focus (even if it is visible on the screen), it runs as fast as expected. Thanks, Markus