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  1. NLReddy_Kapu

    C# and JET

    Hi Erir, Can you gimme your alternate email id. It is giving a mailer-demon on sending the stuff to 'eschultz@rackshed.com' email id. regards, knlreddy
  2. NLReddy_Kapu

    C# and JET

    hi, yea, it is possible to call java functions wrapped with DLLs(JET-compiled) in C# programs. But it is not possible directly. We must write a C/C++ wrapper class(using JNI), make it as a dll and use it in C# programs. Jst gimme ur email id so that i could send sample code to u. ok. my email id is nagalingar@aztec.soft.net regards, knlreddy
  3. NLReddy_Kapu

    i have a problem

    hi yasar, itz working fine with me yaar. regards, knlreddy
  4. Hi, I have created a java class, it works fine, then compiled it a DLL thru the ExcelsiorJET tool. Now iam want to make use of this DLL in an ASP.NET(C#) application. How is it possible? I tried to register this DLL thru "RegSvr32.exe" command line. But it is giving me an error. So i have choosen the P/Invoke method of .NET to make use of this DLL. For this i have created a simple console application to import this dll(used DllImport attribute) and trying to run it. But then it is giving an error. I understand that, the DLL must be registered before it is used in COM/.NET applications. is it so? Could you please any one help me regarding this problem. It would be a great help for me. Thanks in advance. Regards, KNlReddy