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  1. loggo

    How do I use unsigned char*

    Many thanks. I'd already tried something similar but I'd made a simple error which threw me. It all works now and I've just tried it for another project I'm looking at and it only took 30 mins to get it all working! xfunction should be in the core language! As a convenience could a future version include the option to specify information as bytes?
  2. loggo

    How do I use unsigned char*

    That's fine but if I use char* I need to use a char[] and that's not what I want. The function wont take a byte[] for a char* pointer and the underlying dll requires a preallocated array of bytes to write to. I know I'm missing the point here so can you show me how the code should look?
  3. loggo

    How do I use unsigned char*

    Hi, How do I pass an array of bytes into a dll using xfunction? The underlying dll expects an unsigned char*. I'd like to make the following call: xFunction f=new xFunction("s87d.dll", "int CreateSignature(unsigned char*, int, short*, int, int)"); byte[] buff = new byte[48000]; Pointer arg1 = (Pointer) Argument.create("unsigned char*", buff); As xfunction doesn't support unsigned char* is there some other way of doing this?