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  1. iwod

    Fail to Understand Jet.

    thx for your reply. Finally clear all the mud in my head.
  2. iwod

    Fail to Understand Jet.

    I did read it carefully... and what you said was what i first thought, but then it said Creates JRE-independent executables (for applications not using AWT or Swing) Which is only avalible in Professional Edition...... And that confuse me.. Or do you mean........ All version will compile Java into native compile and then all this will act as a DLL which makes Java App loads faster. But if i want the Java App to link everything in one .exe i will need professional edition?
  3. After so many months i still have proble understand The difference version of Jet. Professional , Standard and Personal. As Far as i can tell Standard And Personal Can not Compile Java in to Native Code. But isn't the sole purpose of Jet is Native Compiler. Compiling Java into Native Code? So what is the use for Personal And Standard Version? The Excelsior JET Feature Matrix tells you which has what but i don't think it does a good job or what edition is targeting which group of people and what are they good for. a Side Questions. Including SWT would allow you to have a GUI app without the need of JRE. But since SWT is written in Java and calling to Native Windows funtions. Could JET compile the required SWT code that i had in my program? Instead of Me bundling the whole SWT? Thank you. P.S What are the limitation of Trial version apart from 60 days?
  4. Or is it already been updated in the lastest trial version? And It seems Jet already support pretty every thing in JDK............. am i correct? ( Does that means it is miles ahead from completeing product, like GCJ? )