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    h2d and windows driver

    hello excbv, I have managed it to talk to a driver by using a dll. It is really easy and also fast enough. Thanks for your reply, tom
  2. Hello everybody, I want to use a windows driver (as mydriver.h file) for an implementation into a modula-2 project. So i thought I just can use the h2d and generate my def file. But what a pitty, it isn't that simple! ? I always get error messages like: Warning [ winnt.h 328:61 ] ** Constant out of range Error [ winnt.h 357:6 ] ** Expected identifier in declaration I don't want to declare the constants before, i just want to generate my def files! And : I just want to have a def from mydriver.h -> mydriver.def and nothing else (just if it is really necessary!) And why is there a winnt.h ? I thought this is implemented in the h2d_mydriver.h ?? Maybe I haven't understand completely how the h2d works... Does anybody has an idea ? Or is there an other possibility to get in contact with windows hardware/driver ?? (I don't think that I am able to program a windriver with modula!!) Thanks in advance. Greetings, Tom