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  1. Hello, Image I purshased a JET license, say for professional version. According to documentation, I've the possibility to purshase a maintenance contract to stay up-to-date with JET for 1 year. When the delay is over, do I have to re-purshase a maintenance contract at the same cost to continue upgrading the product ? Am I right or is there another possibility ? I'm wondering what is the best way to stay up-to-date? Thx in advance Best Regards
  2. Hello, Is a JET compiled software marketable ? (Is this allowed after purshasing a JET license ?) Best Regards
  3. Hello, Imagine I buy a Professional Edition License of JET. Whould it be available for both Windows and Linux platforms ? Regards, tomu
  4. Hello, Can you tell me when application deployment facilities will be available in JET's Linux port ? That's to say JETPackII and Excelsior Installer. Best regards, tomu