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  1. Hi - With JetPerfect, I have been able to produce an all-in-one DLL for my Java classes called "project.dll". In addition, I have some C++ code in a file called "api.cpp" that make the interface to that DLL nicer (i.e., hides all of the JNI stuff, accepts and returns C++ objects that make sense for the C++ side of our application). It would seem to me that it should be possible to produce a static library and not a DLL and then link my C++ code with that to produce a single DLL with a nice interface. For example, it seems that it should be possible to generate "project.lib" (not project.dll) and then link api.cpp with that, to produce something like "combined.dll". Has anyone tried doing something like this or have a recommendation of a different approach? thx -
  2. Hi - I have a technical question about "JRE redistribution" that I was hoping someone could answer. The Excelsior docs say that if we use Swing or any Java GUI classes, we need to redistribute the entire JRE. ?If not, though, we can redistribute a JetPerfected version of our application as, say, a single DLL or EXE (and this minimally ends up being, say, a 3MB executable). ? My question is this: since this single DLL or EXE includes the classes needed from rt.jar, isn't this redistributing "part" of the JRE? ?Specifically, how can we get away with redistributing the functionality of rt.jar (in any form) without redistributing the rest of the JRE (such as everything under $JRE_HOME/bin)? NOTE: I realize that JET has implemented its own JVM, but I didn't think it implemented its own version of the rt.jar classes (like SWT is an alternative to Swing), so this is why I ask. Thanks --
  3. jkl123

    Excelsior 3.5 GUIs hang on XP

    Hi - First of all, thanks for helping me out. 1. cd c:/JET/bin ==> (okay, I did this) 2. gui - LaunchPad.exe ==> printed "OK" to the console. 3. LaunchPad.exe ==> nothing printed to console, application starts Although the application starts and I can see the "New", "Open" buttons, when I click on "New" I just get the same hanging application. ?I can see the shell of the GUI, but not the internal graphics. ?The fact that it isn't repainting itself is leading me to believe that it is hung, waiting for some lock or in some confused state. NOTE: nothing else was printed to the console. NOTE: I think my problem is very similar to what is being reported in http://www.excelsior-usa.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=JET;action=display;num=1085489832 I very much appreciate any help regarding this problem.
  4. I have tried installing the evaluation copy several times and have problems using the GUIs for the 3.5 evaluation copy edition. Although I have been able to run JET from the command line just fine (to test it out), when I try to run the Jet GUI or the JetPack II GUI, both load but when I click on "New" (or "Open" for JET) the app just hangs (becomes unresponsive) forever. I don't notice any extra CPU activity, so I know it's not busy doing something. I'm thinking it's a problem with LaunchPad.exe or something that this program invokes. Has anyone else experienced this problem or know how to fix it? I would really really like to be able to use the GUI. If it matters, I've activated JRE 1.40_1 to use with my copy of JET. Thanks.