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  1. rob4141

    Eclipse memory usage

    I'm currently running JET 3.6 RC2, though I've tried this with 3.5 as well with the same results. Platform: Windows XP Test Case: Start eclipse with an empty workspace(just what comes up on the intial start of eclipse), check memory usage, shutdown. The imagebase setting reduced the footprint to 55M. Rob
  2. rob4141

    Eclipse memory usage

    I've followed knowledge base article 10 (http://www.excelsior-usa.com/kb/000010.html) on howto compile eclipse with JET. However, the resulting exe and dlls take up a lot more memory (2x-3x). I've tried changing the memory settings but the program seems to ignore it. Eclipse-java = 24MB Eclipse-JET = 62MB Has anyone seen this problem? Thanks, Rob Hughes