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  1. nareshkumar

    Why my friend cannot execute my app

    While creating exe Excelsior will take absolute path of your system means it will look at particular directory which may not be present on the others machine or if you want your app or exe to run on other machines use Jet Pack II this will create an installation file which makes your app or exe to run on any machine Thanks, N.Naresh Kumar
  2. How to increase the heap limit of the of already compiled project Any documentation or URL's greatly appreciated Thanks, N.Naresh Kumar
  3. Hi! I am getting this error while running the exe at prompt Unable to find/load XKRN35031.DLL Even the exes which were generated and was running properly are also not running I am facing the same error while running the previously generated exes Thanks, N.Naresh Kumar
  4. nareshkumar

    Error while converting my project into exe

    Thanks to everyone who is involved at last my problem is solved and the exe which is generated is running fine its just because of some changes in Memory Management page and enabling JIT compiler and selecting default cache for JIT Thanks, N.Naresh Kumar, nnareshkumar@seznam.cz nnareshkumar74@yahoo.com
  5. nareshkumar

    Error while converting my project into exe

    Let me give you the details I created a new file by selecting exe as an option and JVM command line and in application directory path I specified the location of the directory and entered command line like this which is mentioned below java -Xmx5m -cp .\classes;.com.org.app.Application and in classpath I gave the classpath which i am using to run my project and in sources option by default my classes folder is selected but i added even the jar file into them and in classes option where in Resourcepath I am able to see all the classes of my project and jar and in options option I have kept them to default values and in target option I specified the location where it as to create the files and the name of the exe file which will be generated and mentioned VM parameters which i am using these are the steps which i have done exe is created but when I am running its giving the Exception which i mentioned before If you can help please let me know and I am trying the way you suggested Thanks, N.Naresh Kumar
  6. I have include all the jars and classes which are used in my project in classpath as well as in the class but when i started running the exe these are the errors which occurred if any knows the answer please let me know JET-compiled Java program has started. ------------------------------------- Warning: Unable to mount embedded file system <<<<<<<<<<--------* java.lang.ClassNotFoundException *-------->>>>>>>>>> 07-Jul-04 10:53:36 AM GMT TradeCapture-CashFlowReportService Server Time: 07-Jul -04 10:53:36 AM GMT Could not load db driver class with namecom.microsoft.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDr iver Thread[main,5,main] com.microsoft.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: c om.microsoft.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver <<<<<<<<<<---------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>> 07-Jul-04 10:53:36 AM GMT TradeCapture-CashFlowReportService Mail host: mailhost <<<<<<<<<<--------* java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError *-------->>>>>>>>>> 07-Jul-04 10:53:37 AM GMT TradeCapture-CashFlowReportService Server Time: 07-Jul -04 10:53:37 AM GMT Unable to send critical exception mail. Thread[main,5,main] defineClass failed: JIT is disabled java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: defineClass failed: JIT is disabled <<<<<<<<<<-------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>> ------------------------------------- JET-compiled Java program has exited. Press any key to continue . . . Thanks, N.Naresh Kumar nnareshkumar74@yahoo.com