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    How to use boolean

    Man, I'm looking for that as well. I used "int" and it worked. Hopefully it will return a 1 or 0...
  2. poppakap

    Problem with xFunction + Netbeans 3.6

    As far as package names go, it depends on which folder you mount. all package names are are folders. If you mount the sample02 directory, no changes are needed. The "Can't load library: 'whatever'" simply means that the DLL cannot be found. The sample0 name is the name of the dll. And since you have to compile the sample0.c file into a dll using the build.bat, you don't even have it yet. You should install Microsoft Visual C++ so that you can compile the "c" files into DLL's from the command line. Notice the "cl -gf -df" or whatever in the build.bat file. This is a MS C++ executable (with a couple of arguments) that is being used to compile. Once the dll is compiled, place the DLL somewhere Windows can find it. Such as your Windows/System32 directory or somewhere in your path. (Open a DOS prompt and type in "path" and you will see every dir in your path) The other error you see is probably because your java file does not have the following in it for some reason: class Point extends Structure{ int y,z,x; public String defineLayout(){ return "int x, int y"; } }