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  1. wslyhbb

    Need Dll Help

    I had looked at the samples that came with the install and I read the documentation. Can I ask one question? I have one .dll (classLoader.dll) that should link to another .dll (nstdexcptn.dll). Is the following project file look right? -gendll+ -outputname=classLoader -classabsence=ignore -ignorememberabsence+ -lookup=*.class=./com/prodeveloping/util !module com/prodeveloping/util/ClassLoaderException.class !module com/prodeveloping/util/DynamicClassLoader.class !module nstdexcptn.dll
  2. wslyhbb

    Need Dll Help

  3. wslyhbb

    Need Dll Help

    I just downloaded JET 3.6 yesterday, I tried building a couple of .dlls, one for each package. I built the first one, I then built the second one that relies on a class in the first package (.dll) but since I import the class in my Java file in order to use it, JET builds the imported class into the second .dll as well. Therefore, the classes are being duplicated, which makes the first .dll kind of useless. I looked at the documentation and tried a few other things, but I cannot seem to get the second .dll to build without rebuilding the first package. I continued building through my .dlls to my .exe but my .exe then includes all of the classes from all of the .dlls rather than just linking to them, which makes the .dlls pointless. How can I get it to simply look to the other .dll and not include the package? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.