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  1. Thanks for your reply. I experimented some more. I added all jars to the java.class.path property (specified in the .prj-file of the exe). Now my application only runs when the jar-files are present in the directory of the exe. Did I miss something and should it work without the jars, just the dll's and exe? Or do I need to make a jar that contains my resources, refer to it in the java.class.path-property, and distribute this jar along with my application? Thanks in advance, Tars.
  2. I have a problem loading resources from classes that were instantiated using reflection. dll: Test.class + image.gif exe: Main.class (Test.class loads image.gif) When I just instantiate the Test-class from Main, it can load the resource perfectly. When I instantiate Test using reflection, the resource is not found. I tried binding the resource to the exe and then, using reflection, the resource is found also. dll: Test.class exe: Main.class + image.gif We need reflection because our application is built from modules and it should work smoothly, even when a few modules are missing. Also, resources should be together with the code using it, so binding all resources to the exe is not a solution either. Is there a way to tell the application which dll contains the resources, or is this problem inherently related to reflection? Thanks in advance.
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    Inconsistent symfile

    Thanks for your reply. The problem is solved. I don't get however what solved the problem and what the problem was in the first place. Before I did this: % classabsence stuff -lookup=*.class=myjar.jar; -lookup=*.obj=.\obj;..\mylibrary\obj; -lookup=*.sym=.\sym;..\mylibrary\sym; -lookup=*.bod=.\bod;..\mylibrary\bod; !push -bindresources+ -resourceonly+ !module myjar.jar !pop !batch *.class "com" Now I do this: -OUTPUTNAME=myjar % classabsence stuff -LOOKUP=*.obj=./obj_$(OUTPUTNAME) -LOOKUP=*.jar=. !module myjar.jar Maybe the former is old-school. I derived it from a prj-file generated by an earlier version of jet.
  4. I am building an application with dll's and an exe. When I build a certain dll that relies on another dll (I refer to the sym/bod/obj-files) I get the following exception: 5/4: ..\..\Libraries\Core\Common\jaxm-api.jar:/javax/xml/messaging/OnewayListener.class * [ *** F199 ] * Attempt to use inconsistent symfile "..\saaj-api\sym/javax/xml/soap/~S~O~A~P~Message.sym" The saaj-api dll was successfully built without any message concerning SOAPMessage. I tried performing a clean build, which didn't help. Anybody had the same problem and cares to tell me how he fixed it?