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  1. Fail to Understand Jet.

    >As Far as i can tell Standard And Personal Can not Compile Java in to Native Code. All JET edtions DO compile Java into native code. You need to bundle Sun JRE with your deployment package for Standtard edition, however JET uses only native methods DLLs from there. >So what is the use for Personal And Standard Version? The use of Personal is performance benefits from native compiling Java apps that you use every day. The use of Stndard is performance, protection, easy-of-deployment of the Java apps that you develop. >The Excelsior JET Feature Matrix tells you which has what but i don't think it does a good job or what edition >is targeting which group of people and what are they good for. Ok, we will take it into account, thank you >Including SWT would allow you to have a GUI app without the need of JRE. But since SWT is written in >Java and calling to Native Windows funtions. Could JET compile the required SWT code that i had in my >program? Of course!