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  1. To JET marketing: I am an open-source developer with a budget of exactly $0. My project is at http://pycs.org (soon to be http://fastl.org). Our project is based on C# not Java, but we use ANTLR (http://antlr.org) for generating our C# parser code. Recently I used your trial version of JET to make a standalone version of ANTLR so I didn't have to load the JAVA sdk and it was awesome. I sent the standalone ANTLR to the ANTLR mailing list where it was well received, except for the fact that any organization cannot use it for the obvious legal reason. Could you make a special free open-source version of JET that is available only to qualified projects like myself that gets rid of the pop-up and still has the advertisement but also allows anyone to use the resulting installer? This would give you great viral marketing. For example the ANTLR mailing list has over 1000 subscribers and they are a very elite audience. If people in business, academics, and other organizations were allowed to use the installer I uploaded, and they saw how well it performed, I'm sure you would get some sales because ANTLR is mostly a Java crowd. I also have plans for my language that could use such a license with similar benefits to you, although my project is just starting and my mailing list is less than a hundred right now. Thanks for listening...