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    Excelsior Jet is Fantastic!!!

    Some addition The 'good' side effects: - Your boards will be active, you could have many suggestions and bugs with freely in here, and of course many good unsolicited comments about Excelsior Jet too - Excelsior Jet would be tested by thousands ppl on thousands app, and that will prove and makes Jet more reliable than ever! Jet will be known as a flawlessly executable compiler - Greatly increase of your site visitor, you can even put banners on your site for side income if you like - By used on great number of developer, the community would be knownly Jet better, in that way the community could support each other, and perhaps at the end you not need to give any support again for a new Excelsoir Jet user, coz the community has answered all the newbie question - You won't afraid of CRACK anymore! No one would ever request cracker to crack Jet, cos it can be used freely (show nagware). Now you can sleep quietly and also I think ppl more like to use the real app than the cracked one (if the cracker ever manage to crack Jet) That's what I can think at this moment. And as the 'bad' side effects, I can't even think one. If you said that you would lost potential buyers, coz why they would buy, if there's free one Of course not! There's nagware in the distributed executable that saying it can't be commercially distributed! If someone ever buy the software with the nagware, they will report it to you or even ask their money back from the cheated software author. Therefore you still have the current potential buyers, and plus the new one if you manage what I said. Last note, I can even granted hundreds of Java developers to use Excelsior Jet, only by saying the word at Java forum. Best Regards, Paulus Tuerah.
  2. Woaa awesome!! Excelsior Jet is a very great work indeed! Got to say this coz in a few minutes after Excelsior Jet installation, my jar is turned into windows executable flawlessly! Amazing!! But unfortunately the price is very very unaffordable for a small and independent free java software developer like me. A thought from me: Why not make the personal edition distributable? I mean the executable can be running on other computer, but change the current nagware, so the executable cannot be distributed commercially, for example: ? In that way, if the software author want to distribute his/her software commercially he/she must buy the Excelsior Jet license for sure! And for us, as a small free software developer, could take this advantage to distribute our products, and also be the advertiser of Excelsior Jet! You have nothing to loss tho, cos we are not your potential buyers anyway (can't afford to buy it), but we are your potential advertiser!! And look at the good side, if we gain profit by our increasing visitor for using your Jet Excelsior, we perhaps would buy the license too. A real life example, I use Jet to make mine to windows executable, then I distributed the executable. ? The executable then is tried by many ppl, and sure some of them are Java developer, cos Java software are always tested in Java forum, no doubt! All is because the size of JRE. Then everytime the executable start, your above nagware will show, they see it and I'm definitely sure that every Java developer that see it will absolutely try Jet too. Now the repetition continue, the Java developer use Excelsior Jet and distribute theirs too, and the others would do just the same. It repeat again and again. Wonder how fast the Excelsior Jet would be widely used and known! I give a fact, for my humble Java Game, I got at least 5 download everyday (right now I use jnlp webstart). ? Then wonder if that is executable compiled by Jet Excelsior nagware! ? Everytime someone running my game, he/she will see the Jet Excelsior advertisement. And that's for my tiny software (and I'm sure the number would increase if I use .exe), how about Open Source Java Project that downloaded hundreds or perhaps thousands every day!! ? Think how far Jet Excelsior is advertised by us. You won't need to advertise Jet again (saving your advertisement cost), cos we take the responsibilty to advertise it! ? Now think how big we are, your advertiser, a million of Java developer! And also by doing this you has helped us a lot, a small and independent java developers, cos by making our software to windows executable, our audience will be increase greatly, since many peoples refuse to upgrade their jvm. Finally I want to say that, this is the best trick to make Jet Excelsior widely known and used by the world!! Your potential buyers will increase greatly! (But of course if the compiled executable is running flawlessly) And on top of that, you have contributed a big major valuable thing to Java software development!! ? Java will be used more and more by the world, and the impact Jet will also take the position (coz increasing of Java user will make increasing of Excelsior Jet potential buyers, right!?), and of course your profit will reach to the peak! ? And one last thing, the world would be thanking you! Yeah!! And the first that thanking you is ME ? Okay that's my humble long opinion... Anyway you got the point, right? Tell me what you think. Best Regards, Paulus Tuerah.