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  1. ggesmundo

    Runtime error #16173(trap)

    Can anyone help with this error. My application runs for about ten minutes before terminating with this error message. I am using Jet 4.5 and the jdk1.5.0_06 profile. I have tried the latest patch update but that terminates with a compiler abort. While were at it could Excelsior possibly publish the trap codes and their meanings to help in debugging. Thanks Gary
  2. ggesmundo


    My email client currently does not have any spam filters enabled so I don't believe I missed it. Appreciate anything you can do to find out the status. Thanks, Gary
  3. ggesmundo


    Anyone know how to get a reponse from support. I have e-mailed them several times requesting a user ID and password for updates and it has been over a week with no response. Getting deparate as my application throw the runtime error #3 (trap) which is fixed in the update and I can not deliver with out it.