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  1. Not sure what is happening, but previous email was sent on December 21 to support@excelsior-usa.com. Excelsior does have my current email address, because I just received an email notification of the upcoming expiration of my service contract. In any case, today I sent new email requests through the webform that you linked and a copy through my email, both of which include my serial number. I also attached a copy of the maintenance agreement PDF file to my emailed message.
  2. I purchased the Jet Professional compiler on January 10, 2005 with the maintenance contract, which states that: "The Customer shall be entitled to receive for free all Product Upgrades released by Excelsior during the term of this Contract." However, I have been having trouble getting information on how I can obtain the new version 4.1 under this contract - no reply to emails to the support department. What is the procedure for getting this? Thank you, Barry
  3. I am very interested in this - more so even for the swing bug fixes that were deferred to version 1.5, than for it's new features.