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  1. JET RT (root dir)

    I am able to make jet compiled EXE in perfect mode. when i try to run this EXE, i am getting the following warning and error messages: Warning! Unknown JET property: jet.jit Warning! Unknown JET property: jet.jit.cache java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: defineClass failed: JIT is disabled java.net.SocketException: accept() (code=10004) java.net.SocketException: net dll not initialized (WSAStartup): accept() java.net.SocketException: net dll not initialized (WSAStartup): accept() How can i enable JIT? I have the following options in project file: -classabsence=IGNORE -compilerheap=0 -heaplimit=0 -inlinelimit=100 -inlinetolimit=1000 -jetvmprop=-Djet.jit -Djet.jit.cache -Djet.gc.heaplimit:0 -stacklimit=900000 -standaloneresources= I would appreciate if any can help me in this.
  2. JET RT (root dir)

    thank you for your info. I added the following lines to abc.prj and able recompile the application. -IncludeTimeZoneInfo+ -IncludeDetectedLocales+ -IncludeLoggingAPI- !module abc.usg When I am tring to run the abc.exe, getting the exception "java.lang.NullPointerException". looking forward for your help...
  3. JET RT (root dir)

    Hi... I read the document and able to create ".usg" file. But I am not able to do the following things: 1. not able to execute the command "!module abc.usg". How can i execute this command? 2. When i recompile the project "abc.prj" with the command "jc =p abc +perfect", I am getting the error ".usg file should be specified in perfect mode". How can set I this? appreciated your help.
  4. JET RT (root dir)

    Thank you for your reply. ?I am trying to make EXE with JetPerfect. I got ".use" file by the command SET JETVMPROP=-Djet.usage.list -Djet.default.classloader:bootstrap abc.exe recompiling with the command "jc =p abc +perfect" to make a single "EXE" and getting the message like ".usg file should be specified in perfect mode". I am not sure how to pass the ".use" file for the above said compilation command to recompile the application to get "EXE" which will not use JET RT. I would appreciate if some one can help me in this...
  5. JET RT (root dir)

    hi... I made jet compiled exe (for jetty). but when i am making setup.exe using Jet Pack-II, i incuded jet compiled exe. At that time its creating "JET RT" that contains dll files (size: 27.7 MB). I am not able to remove "JET RT" directory while making setup.exe. Can any one help me out in this regard? Thank you in advance....