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  1. printStackTrace() prints only the exception name. I specified -genstacktrace+, and jc with =options also listed the option +GENSTACKTRACE How to make the stack trace available ?
  2. JET implements its own bootstrap class loader that support loading classes compiled into dlls given JETVMPROP = -dll:ClassName1:DllName1 -dll:ClassName2:DllName2 But the classes loaded in this way are bound to the namespace of the bootstrap class loader. How can I isolate the classes from different dlls? Does JET provide any API to achieve this purpose? Such as: public static MyClassLoader extends ClassLoader { public Class findClass(String className) { return com.excelsior_usa.jet.LibraryClassLoader.loadClassFromLibrary(this, className, "MyDll"); // or something else could be invoked from different class loaders in order to give the classes different scopes } } If no, will it be yes with next release ?
  3. If the external classes are compiled into dll, you can load them dynamically by Class.forName, no JIT required. It's a important feature for making a product plugin-able without distributing the class files.
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    use Class.forName instead. set jetvmprop=-dll:MyClass:my.dll testDll.exe Invoking the Class.forName("MyClass") will cause JET runtime to load my.dll and MyClass in that dll.