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  1. Hi and Hello to all, im new to this board. and i have a simple but for me relevant question. I try to configure "TOOLS" Menu with a selfmade Menu Point to configure. I tried with a 2.45 (old download) there it works, but with 2.50 there is no Menu Point under Tools? My Projekt is a old TopSpeed Modula 3.1 Projekt. where i have to do some changes.... And old TopSpeed IDE didint work under WinXP, so i have to look for a IDE (Modula2) and to configure my old TopSpeed Compiler (this part works fine). 2. Question..... with old 2.45 there was a TopSpeed Compatibility Pack... but it didnt really work with my TopSpeed Code (so therefore i worked back again with TopSpeed). Is the new TSC for 2.50 changed for better TS Compatibility. or what are the changes made between 2.45 and 2.5? Or am i just tooo silly to find this Info on the website? )