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  1. ravi

    Regarding Calling EXE files

    Hi Kit, Thanks for the reply. By the by, as you had adviced, I opened my WebLofic startup scriopt, I replaced java with xjava command, which gives me a ClassNotFound Eception. I had changes the classpath too, saw that Main class is not getting incokded. Thanks and regards of valuable time. Thanks and regards, Ravi
  2. ravi

    Regarding Calling EXE files

    Hi there, Thanks a lot for the valuable reply. Two things:- You mentioned that it shoudl be "theoretically" compatible - any references you have? Can you confirm not theoretically, but "genrically" ? Do u have xjava for Solaris as well? my development platform is linux and production deployment is Solaris. I have seen myself that xjava does a tremendous job and appreciate your earliest reply with contact number thanks Regards, Ravi
  3. ravi

    Regarding Calling EXE files

    Thanks a lot for the reply. That gives me another concern, my application server uses Sun's java platform. Within the application, how can use JET's xjava ? Please assist, thanks Regards, Ravi
  4. Hi All, Sorry for posting one message in XFunctions, that was not intented there. I had created a demo.dll which comprises of about 30 classes. By looking at the "forName" example in JET folder, I coulld create an exe file Test.exe, which will call Main class's main method from demo.dll, earlier created. Wonderful JET. However, my concern is I dont want a Test.exe, but I want Test.java, which is a Java Program to call my main method of Main class in demo.dll. I thought XFunction could help, but XFunction calls only C functions?? not Java functrions embedded within a dll? If any EXcelsior consultant is reading or any other developer who knows the issue, kindly help. I need to buy this asap, thanks
  5. Hi all, I used Excelsior Jet to convert about 30 java classes ( a parser application) into a DLL and created successfully demo.dll. Now I want to use XFunction to invoke methods from demo.dll using simple Java code. I am getting always methodnotfoundexception. How the method signature to XFunction should be written if I want to invoke a method from Parser class, method name parse, or in other words how can I accomplish Parser p = new Parser(); p.parse() Please help, thanks in advance
  6. Hi, I have about 170 classes. Many of the classes uses a resource bundle. Reqource bundle points to external directory as C:\Temp\Logs. When I created an EXE file, I saw that exe is throwing a missing resourcebundle excpetion. Please advise how to resolve it. Thanks in advance, regards, Ravi