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  1. Hi, In my current project I have to generate PDF reports fast. Apache FOP is an excellent way ,but it's too slow for batch jobs so I tried finding Native Win32 FO processors. I didn't find any useful or free ones. So now I'm trying to convert apache FOP to native code using Excelsior Evaluation version. Some imports are missing , but that shouldn't be a problem as they're not mandatory to run the application with the JRE. When compiling there were missing method errors. I figured it was because of the missing imports , so I checked the ignore checkbox. The result was a 10 meg exe that when runned in the command prompt did .... nothing , except of course the evaluation nag screen. But no output , no errors , no nothing. It's a console application that needs parameters to work. Maybe that's not supported by JET or maybe the nag screen is conflicting , I don't know. Its a pity it doesn't work. I'd buy a license if I could make it work. Any pointers? If anyone who has a license can convert apache FOP to native win32 , I'll pay you 50$ for the Win32 native version of it