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  1. Gentlemen, My company is considering purchase of JET Professional, and I am currently using the evaluation edition to compile our application. Our application is a Swing GUI that uses a large number of third party libraries. After compiled with JET, application startup times increase substantially...the regular bytecode version starts up in approx 2-5 seconds, but the JET compiled version takes anywhere from 10-25 seconds. The application uses a number of libraries, as I mentioned, that I had to compile. These include hibernate, hsqldb, some of the jakarta commons libraries and other supporting libraries. I am not sure if loading all these libraries causes the problem, or what I can do to prevent it. Additionally, the JET-compiled application uses almost double the memory of the Swing application (75 versus 40) for the executable only. The other JET executable (I assume some sort of run time environment) consumes anywhere from 40-55mb additionally. Please let me know what I can do to attempt to tweak this. We're very interested in purchasing JET, but need to feel comfortable that we'll be able to use it effectively. Thanks!
  2. I am compiling a very large application with the Professional evaluation. The application uses a number of third party jars. After the 1 1/2 hour compile process, I started the application up only to realize I'd left one of the jars out. In order to add that jar, I unfortunately had to recompile the entire application, which means yet another 1 1/2 hours. Is there any way to fix this without an entire re-compilation? Thanks, jbwiv