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  1. Kit, Thanks for the reply. I understand about the mail server being down, but I think this situation really shows why there needs to be a download section to obtain the hotfixes. It would be much easier if there was a download section for paying support customers, where we could view the hotfixes, read a description on what they fix, then choose to download them if we need them. Shawn
  2. Hello, I am awaiting tech support to send me a hotfix that will fix a problem I have with the embedded database, Derby. Excelsior Tech support sent me an e-mail on Friday morning telling me that they already have a hotfix that will fix this problem. But it is 4 days later, and I have not received the hotfix. My question is, why aren't these hotfixes available to the public? I know that they have not been tested as well as a released Excelsior "service pack/maintenance pack", but the system of having to e-mail Excelsior support about a problem and then being told that they already have a fix but it is unreleased, is a nightmare. We need an area where users of Excelsior Jet who are on a paid maintenance plan can see the latest hotfixes and install them if it is something they need. But having to ask for a fix, then waiting days to receive it is not a good system. We are already experienced programmers/tech people since we are already using Excelsior Jet. I think we can handle installing hotfixes if they fix a particual problem that we are having. Just my 2 cents. Shawn
  3. Has anyone had any luck getting an Embedded database to work with Excelsior Jet? I tried the latest version of Derby, but I get NullPointer errors even though my original .jar file runs fine but I get the NullPointer errors whenever any Derby SQL code tries to run. I tried One$DB (Daffodil), but there are multiple files in their *.jar files that exceed 260 characters in the path, and Excelsior does not like that when it goes to compile. It gets errors during the actual compile process. Even WinRAR and WinZIP don't like to undo their *.jar or source files because the pathnames are so long. Any ideas? Thanks, Shawn
  4. fraXis

    Excelsior Jet - Blue screen of death?

    I just answered my own question. While trying to load Excelsior Jet again, my XP SP2 machine had it's own blue screen of death. The fault driver was ATIDUAG.DLL (ATI driver). It was a page_fault_in_nonpaged_area. The stop error was 0x00000050. I will send this to ATI as well to fix but I think Excelsior might be doing some non standard gfx calls to cause this bsod. I have not even had a bsod of death from a video game in over a year, yet alone an application.
  5. Hello, I am a registered user of Excelsior Jet v3.60 and I am using Maint Pack 3 with it and Java 1.4.2_06. Anyways, it has been working great for the past couple of weeks. I just updated my ATI drivers (using ATI 800xt agp card) to Catalyst v5.1 from ATI. Now when I go into Excelsior Jet, all I can see is the regular blue background. There are no buttons or anything anymore. If I go into JetPackII I get the same problem, just the regular Excelsior background color. The only thing that has changed on my system is the graphic card driver. Could the latest ATI graphic driver be causing this problem? The program is not frozen, I can hit the 'X' on the title bar to close it, but the interface does not come up at all. Please help. Thanks, Shawn