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  1. Our results on your benchmark (64-bit versions of Excelsior JET participate), the smaller, the better: data length: 18413 Excelsior JET 11.3 (default) Total time for 200000 Repetitions: 37,115,176,783 Excelsior JET 12 (default) Total time for 200000 Repetitions: 29,748,295,723 Excelsior JET 12 (PGO enabled) Total time for 200000 Repetitions: 14,051,042,243 ------------ Performance of Arrays.copyOfRange() across these versions is basically the same. The results will tend to improve in future releases too.
  2. Please let us know what is printed if you run <JET 12 beta 2 Home>/bin/jc =o
  3. Actually, you can exclude LGPL jars from the project and compile them into a separate DLL. Make sure it's not explicitly imported in the main project via the !uses directive. After that, use run-time linking as described in https://www.excelsiorjet.com/docs/jet/jetw012#0383 As a result, you ship optimized code in a DLL. If and when an end user wishes to replace it with jars, s/he can do that and the jars will be loaded by JIT (with performance loss, though).
  4. Definition (Murphy). A working program is one that has only unobserved bugs. From time to time, our customers send us defect reports like Does it mean that the bug lurks in Excelsior JET? The answer is ?maybe?. Of course, there are bugs escaped our QA and any submission of your defect reports is always welcome. However, sometimes, such problems appear because some code was not properly written in the application or in third-party components it uses. In this thread, we will publish examples of such support cases. We hope that it will help you write correct code and reduce the workload on our Support (a bit).
  5. Jet for Mobile iOS

    We are aware of this opportunity, thank you. Makes little sense: due to dynamic typing of JavaScript, performance can be improved only via dynamic optimization.
  6. Jet 9.0 MP2 relative classpath issue

    It's a known issue (for jar files compiled in the "pack into exe" mode) and it will be fixed in the next release (Dec 2014). For now, you can either: - get code source from a class residing in a jar not packed into exe, if any; or - define your own VM options and use its for loading the library (if you define its value as $(Root)in JetPackII, it will hold the path to installation directory)
  7. Bruce, We need an example to reproduce and investigate the problem on our end. Please contact us via e-mail: java at excelsior-usa.com
  8. Please install Excelsior JET 9.0 Maintenance Pack 2 available at http://www.excelsiorjet.com/updates/9.0/mp2 and check if the problem persists.
  9. Is it possible to make two executables...

    You can simply add two executables to the package files in JetPackII and they will share the common runtime.
  10. Is is possible to protect rt.jar?

    Open your project with JetPackII, go to page Runtime and check if the "Java SE API classes" checkbox is enabled in pane Optional Components. The classes appearing in rt/lib are not used for execution. For more details, see the JET User's Guide, section Optional components.
  11. Is is possible to protect rt.jar?

    rt.jar is already protected as it is pre-compiled in a set of JET Runtime DLLs/shared libs located in <jet home>\profile1.7.0_40\jre\jetrt When you prepare your app for deployment with the JetPackII tool, rt.jar is not present in the resulting installation.
  12. How to compile Javafx quickly?

    In Java 8, JavaFX is a part of Java SE platform so it will be pre-compiled too. For now, you can compile JavaFX jars into a separate DLL. For more details, see JET User's Guide at http://www.excelsior-usa.com/doc/jet/jetw013.html#0354
  13. Caching JIT was deprecated in Excelsior JET 8.0 and it's now removed (since version 9.0). For more details, refer to the Deprecated Features chapter of Excelsior JET 8.0 User's Guide.
  14. Does it work on Oracle JRE 7 update 40?
  15. JET 8 mp1 JetPackII issue

    We have never encountered such a problem on our end. Does the problem appear on other machines? Also please check if this problem is related to interference with anti-virus monitors that used to detect Excelsior Installer executables as malware (false-positive results).
  16. Compiling PyCharm 3

    We do not plan to publish a JET-compiled version of PyCharm due to low demand.
  17. No Stack trace

    The third argument of JNI_CreateJavaVM is a C string containing VM options that otherwise can be specified on Java launcher command line. You can pass "-Djet.stack.trace" when creating VM. For code snippets, consult Oracle Java SE documentation (section "JNI_CreateJavaVM".)
  18. Excelsior JET Installation Toolkit does not support this scenario. That's a known problem previously reported by other customers and your voice is counted - we will include the issue in our mid-term plans. For now, you can use the following workaround: Keep this directory (let's name is A) in JetPackII package files but make it empty and use the "Self-contained directory" back-end (this way, xpack will generate a directory containing your app and JET Runtime files.) Copy the necessary files to directory A and wrap the package into a third-party installer such as NSIS or InnoSetup.
  19. Stack size in multi-DLL project

    The "genstackalloc" options affects code generation and should be enabled/disabled in the projects files of interest (EXE and DLLs). The "stacklimit" option is, in essence, a run time setting and yes, it's enough to specify it in the EXE's project file.
  20. Running Jet tools on Ubuntu

    FYI: 64-bit Excelsior JET for Linux will be out by the end of 2013.
  21. Yes. Yes. Note however that 32-bit and 64-bit Excelsior JET are two different products. The difference is code protection. Using Excelsior JET you deploy optimized native code (hard to reverse engineer) instead of jar and war files with classes. For more details, please refer to the Protect Java Web Applications page.
  22. program crashing randomly

    Could you check if the problem appears if the app is compiled with the latest Excelsior JET 8.0?
  23. Recover java file

    No, it is not possible and the reasons are described in this article.
  24. JetpackII

    Does the problem appear on the latest Excelsior JET 7.6?
  25. JetpackII

    What's the version of Excelsior JET you are using?