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  1. JRE-indepencency of Jet 3.7

    We will use our native methods partially. There's no sense to write e.g. AWT native methods from scratch. We plan to provide JRE-independence in the next versions using Sun Community Source License (Commercial Use). Do you mean performance of running application, not the compilation itself? Please, refine.
  2. Using the JavaComm API

    BTW, did you use the samples from JET 3.6 or from the latest JET 3.7 (they were reworked in 3.7)?
  3. Too Much memory overhead in JCE

    The standard RMI classes import some AWT classes that results in inclusion of the XAWT component into the deployment set.
  4. Using the JavaComm API

    You may check the sample from <JET Installation dir>\samples\JavaExtensions\COMM
  5. Jet 3.7 Release Date

    coming very soon.
  6. Service started then stopped

    Did you read this JET Knowledge Base article http://www.excelsior-usa.com/kb/000019.html ? If not, pay attention to the section "Converting the Java program to an NT service", especially, the paragraph marked as IMPORTANT. That may be a probable reason of why your NT service dies right after start.
  7. How to pack .dll with JET

    How is the DLL used in your application? Is it possible to perform Trial Run from within JetPackII for it? If not, why?
  8. Does JET have any debug option?

    Try the latest JET 3.7 RC1 available at http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetlatest.html Maybe this problem is fixed. If not, enable stack trace on the Target Page of JET 3.7 Control Panel
  9. Possible JNI bug

    That is a difference between Java Platform Specification and Java Reference Implementation (HotSpot). It will be fixed in JET 3.7 (March 2005)
  10. compiling JBuilder

    Do you know how to run JBuilder on HotSpot JVM? I mean the exact java launcher command line like java <options> com.borland.... To compile it, you have to know the main class at least, right?
  11. class not found exception.

    Try to compile all classes of the JDBC driver as described in http://www.excelsior-usa.com/kb/000004.html