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  1. On Linux, the lookup of Java native libraries also uses $LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Seemingly, the env. var setting on your computer includes the respective directories.
  2. Using JETVMPROP on target machines is not the best way. Please look at this KB article (section "Creating an installation package") Though the article is about Java3D, this particular section explains how to package native libraries.
  3. How can I set the java VM parameters.

    -Xmx is converted to the -Djet.gc.heaplimit setting. When preparing the installation package, you may see it in the "Java system properties" pane on the page Classpath of JetPackII.
  4. How can I set the java VM parameters.

    The -Xms option (initial heap size) is not supported because it makes little sense: the JET Runtime tunes the heap size adaptively and such hints as initial heap size are useless. Note: of course, the -Xmx option (maximum heap size) is fully supported as it sets the upper bound for the heap.
  5. Deployment without using JetPackII

    You should use JetPackII to prepare the package (intaller or self-contained directory) that can be used on machines where Excelsior JET is not installed. Of course, you do not need to copy all those files to other machines. Open JetPackII and add the compiled executable to the package. After that, the necessary JET Runtime files will be added to the package automatically.
  6. 64-bit Support

    It's not only planned but being actively developed.
  7. dllClass not found with building COM in JET mode

    We have checked the sample and it works flawlessly. Probably, you modified the project or script files, which provoked the error.
  8. Graphics issues in Jet 7

    Thanks for your report. We never experienced such issues on our end nor received simlar reports from our customers. On its own, it does not prove that the issues are in Excelsior JET components. Small tests are typically interpreted on Sun JRE and problems in the application code, like data races in multi-threaded env., often remain undiscovered. They may appear only with the compiled code that runs fast from the start. We have such examples in our support records. We fully understand your concern. If you have time to send us an example which we could compile and run on our end, we are ready to trouble-shoot this ourselves.
  9. jvlc and jet

    If nothing else helps, you may do the trick (hack) used by the JVLC authors: copy jawt.dll into the same directory where the JET-compiled executable resides and it will start working like a charm. In your position, I would also file a complaint (issue, bug report, you name it) to the JVLC dev team.
  10. This topic has been moved to Defect Reports. [iurl]http://www.excelsior-usa.com/forum/index.php?topic=1820.0[/iurl]
  11. 64-bit Support

    This is a speculative assumption that reflects your own opinion. But not all applications require heap which is larger than 4GB. Java applications compiled with the current version of Excelsior JET run flawlessly on 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems. And it did not come "for free" - we worked on it. It appears you've drawn a wrong conclusion from my recent post.
  12. ISRV.exe vs windows sc.exe

    Hi James, The isrv utility was implemented for the completeness of Excelsior JET Installation Toolkit to enable Excelsior Installer to install Windows services. isrv does not perform any JET-specific actions so you may continue using your established process for preparing setups with NSIS Regards, --ZZ Top
  13. Imagine that a bunch of services is started on the user machine. If so, chances are good that the default timeout (30sec) is not enough for the service to start. I would recommend you to increase the initialization timeout using the method setInitTimeout() of the Excelsior Winservice API.
  14. Preventing reflection attacks

    Please contact Excelsior Support Dept. (java at excelsior-usa.com) to continue discussing this topic. And, please, do not forget to introduce yourself. Hope for your understanding.
  15. Preventing reflection attacks

    Yes, it can if you mean "get names and signatures of methods/fields" under "examine". Obfuscate names as describe in this KB article and let it examine. The strength of native compilation is ultimate code obfuscation: it's hard to comprehend what a particular method does looking at its (highly optimized) native code. I must say that it's often hard even for the Excelsior's compiler engineers who created the engine. You may find more details at this page.
  16. Compile Java file using Jet VM

    The JET Runtime includes the classes in pre-compiled form. It's enough for most APIs except those using .class files as both code and resource files. An example is the standard javac compiler that opens and reads the original .class files (e.g.java/lang/*.class) to resolve references in Java source files being compiled. Since Excelsior JET 7.0, it will work without rt.jar in the package. You may download beta 2 and get convinced of that.
  17. Compile Java file using Jet VM

    Excelsior JET version 6.5 (and below): 1. Open your JetPackII project 2. Go to page Runtime and check the box "Java SE API classes" 3. Build the package and the problem should be out Excelsior JET version 7.0 (and above): Everythng will work without packaging the standard classes See the Improvements section in the what's new list of Excelsior JET 7.0 beta 2 available at http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetdlbeta.html
  18. It might be a JNI misuse in the library. Please send an example to reproduce the problem to Support Dept. (java at excelsior-usa.com). We will check it on our end and post a follow-up with the results in this topic.
  19. This topic has been moved to Excelsior Installer / Excelsior Delivery. [iurl]http://www.excelsior-usa.com/forum/index.php?topic=1809.0[/iurl]
  20. MOVED: iPhone support

    This topic has been moved to General Discussion. [iurl]http://www.excelsior-usa.com/forum/index.php?topic=1811.0[/iurl]
  21. According to the Sun Microsystems? Java Technology Support and EOL Policy, J2SE 5.0 will have reached its End of Service Life (EOSL) October 8th, 2009: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5/ Excelsior JET 7.0, scheduled for release in 4Q 2009, will therefore be the last version with support for J2SE 5.0. Of course, we will continue support Java SE 6 and include the anticipated Java SE 7 in future versions. If you are still using J2SE 5.0, we encourage you to migrate to the new version of Excelsior JET to use the latest J2SE 5.0 microversions, supported in Excelsior JET 7.0. If you need help in migrating to the newer version of Excelsior JET and/or the newer version of the Java technology, or have any questions in connection with the above, please, contact us.
  22. 64-bit Support

    I'm sorry that we were not able to deliver 64-bit version as initially planned. There were objective reasons for that. I believe you are aware of that the Excelsior JET License Agreement and Excelsior JET Support Contract do not include any obligations w.r.t. features/capabilities to appear in future releases of the product.
  23. I must say that JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS is quite an unusual way to support locales in Java applications.
  24. You may use the JETVMPROP env. variable (see the JET User's Guide, chapter "Application considerations", section "Java system properties") That's not enforced by the Java standard. Even Sun JRE does not support this variable on some platforms. -------- The next version of Excelsior JET will enable you to specify the VM options directly on the application command line (see What's new in Beta 1 / "Mullti-app executables" at the beta download page)
  25. mozSwing doens't work in Vista x64

    Excelsior JET 6.5