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  1. mozSwing doens't work in Vista x64

    Now it's a detailed report, thank you. We will check it on our end and let you know the results. Note however that the problem may be in JavaXPCOM itself (see this story for example). ----- BTW, does the problem appear if you use the latest version of Excelsior JET?
  2. mozSwing doens't work in Vista x64

    Ok. Now could you describe the issue in more details?
  3. mozSwing doens't work in Vista x64

    Make sure that you use a Java 6-based profile of Excelsior JET (launch JetSetup and check the active profile). Please be more specific about the probelm
  4. SuspendThread failed with error 5

    What's the OS on which the problem appears? Do you use a real box or virtual PC when experiencing the problem?
  5. Excelsior JET + JNA to get a transparent window

    Thanks for posting this hint.
  6. 64 bit JET

    I mean that 1. We did not test applications compiled with outdated versions of Excelsior JET on 64-bit systems. As a result, executables produced by Excelsior JET prior to version 6.0 did not work on 64-bit Windows and Linux at all With the current Excelsior JET 6.5, everything works flawlessly 2. By default, the practically allowed heap size on 32-bit Windows and Linux is less than 2GB. If you run the same binary compiled with Excelsior JET on a 64-bit system, the heap size may be close to 4GB 3. We understand the importance of 64-bit version of Excelsior JET for our customers whose applications may require larger heaps. That's why we are constantly investing our engineering resources in design and development of the port. Please find my answer in this (duplicate) topic
  7. Future 64-Bit Support?

    You may address upto 4GB of RAM, if your 32-bit application (compiled with the current version of Excelsior JET) is run under a 64-bit operating system. We have checked that and it works. If you need >4GB, it will be possible only after we release 64-bit version of Excelsior JET. The current status is given in this post.
  8. 64-bit Support

    Let me make things clear. 1. In all posts concerning the 64-bit port we made the reservation that particular dates are not yet defined. We never undertook any obligations to deliver the 64-bit version according to some schedule. 2. 64-bit port is a mammoth (and therefore expensive) task so before making it the key feature of the next release we must invest enough into preparing the port 3. We do want to release 64-bit version of Excelsior JET The current status is as follows. We continue working on 64-bit port but the amount of resources we are currently spending for it, is not enough to make it the key new feature of the forthcoming release of Excelsior JET. The next checkpoint to make the decision is 4Q 2009 after we will issue Excelsior JET 7.0
  9. MOVED: 64 bit JET

    This topic has been moved to General Discussion. [iurl]http://www.excelsior-usa.com/forum/index.php?topic=1744.0[/iurl]
  10. 64 bit JET

    Probably, you use an outdated version of Excelsior JET. Java applications compiled with the latest Excelsior JET 6.5 work without problems on 64-bit Windows systems (we use them in testing on regular basis)
  11. Too big native SWT RCP file

    Note also that 12-15MB is the size of a complete installer that does not have deployment dependencies (JRE installation is not required on target machines).
  12. It would be nice if Excelsior JET would allow compiling more than one application into a single executable with selecting a particular application at launch time via command line arguments. This would enable the user to: easily compile and package several applications sharing common libraries without the mess with DLLs use the Global Optimizer for more than one application specify Java system properties and JET Runtime options on the command line run the same executable as both plain application and Windows service The command line syntax of such executables may be an extension of the java launcher command line syntax to allow specifying the main class, VM options, Java system properties, and the arguments of the application itself.
  13. Excelsior JET + JNA to get a transparent window

    Jasper, My understanding is that despite the fragile design of the JNA library, the problem you reported has been solved. Please confirm.
  14. jvlc and jet

    Have you tried to place jvlc.dll to rt/bin?
  15. jvlc and jet

    That's right because you do not have to load it from Java code (JVLC loads it from native code). That's not perfectly legal as files from /rt folder should not be selectively copied. I would recommend you to check how JVLC loads the dll. If it simply calls LoadLibrary("jawt.dll"), that is a hack exploiting the fact that "java.exe" and "jawt.dll" resides in the same folder and Windows (in particular) looks for DLLs in the folder containing the executable which established the process ("java.exe" in case of JRE). A more reliable way would be detecting the JRE home folder and appending the relative path to jawt.dll
  16. David, as I promised I post here the resolution found for the problem. But first comes a short introduction. After compilation and packaging, each Java class appears in the installation package in one of the three forms: 1. compiled (to be directly executed) 2. included in the original bytecode form (to be JIT?ed on demand) 3. both compiled into native code and included in bytecode form You may control these options in the classpath grid on the page Classpath of the JET Control Panel. Why is the third option needed? Well, certain Java components/API implementations were written so that they need their class files at run time. The word ?files? is emphasized on purpose. Literally, the files must exist at run time because certain API code uses open/read/close operations, checks the presence and size of the files, etc. In such cases, the class files actually serve as resource files. That?s why we had to support option 3 in Excelsior JET. For more details, see the JET User?s Guide, chapter ?Application considerations?, section ?Resource packing? Back to resolution of the problem. Open your project with the JET Control Panel and go to the page Classpath. In the ?Pack into exe? column, select the ?As a whole? option for the following jars axis.jar commons-logging-api.jar Then, compile/package the application and the problem will be out. P.S. For versions prior to 6.5, the option was named ?original jar/zip? but we had to rename it to support both ordinary classpath entries and OSGi bundles
  17. That's normal behavior of JetPackII that makes so called binding to hard-wire settings such as Java system properties and relative paths to the executable. As a result, the executable becomes clickable and does not require any additional settings on the target system such as PATH. The size difference does not relate to the problem you reported. Please list the jar files included in your application. If, for some reasons, you would not like to paste the list here, contact Excelsior Support (java at excelsior-usa.com)
  18. Windows Server 2008 supported

    Excelsior JET 6.5 has passed the Java Compatibility Kit (JCK) testsuite on Windows Server 2008 which is now included in the list of supported platforms. Customers having a valid Excelsior JET Support Contract may now receive support services for that platform.
  19. 64-bit Support

    No updates at this moment.
  20. David, our Support Team must be already in touch with you. As soon as the issue is resolved, we will also post the results in this topic.
  21. Math calculations

    Dear Seb, Excelsior JET has passed the Sun JCK testsuite which includes a massive part of FP tests. Therefore, the compiler does not optimize the FP code more than it's allowed by the Java specification. Our vision is that the code must be correct and only then we may consider making it faster. As for your example, we are ready to check it on our end. Could you make it compilable with javac? In the current form, it has lots of (unresolved) dependencies when being compiled. Thank you.
  22. Exception when running compiled lightbeam

    The problem has been fixed in Excelsior JET 6.5. That (optional) JMX functionality is now supported.
  23. Compiling Eclipse Plug-In AOT

    I believe that Excelsior JET 6.5 (just released) can help with compiling Eclipse RCP applications.
  24. Release date of Excelsior JET 6.5

    Well, it took a little bit more time... Today is June 15th and Excelsior JET 6.5 is here.