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  1. Compiled Program runs in an infinite loop

    No. Do you experience any other problems (misbehavior of the compiled application) or you'd like to disable it just for sure?
  2. I guess the issue is resolved.
  3. JNA problem?

    Starting from version 3.0.5, JNA is coded to the Java SE specification and works with Excelsior JET
  4. Compiled Program runs in an infinite loop

    Thank you for your report. We have reproduced the issue that seems to be provoked by a bug in dead code elimination ( "return 0;" is unreachable code in your sample program). If you replace while (!found) with while (true) it starts working. We will fix the issue soon. Please contact Excelsior Support (java at excelsior-usa.com) if you need a hotfix.
  5. App rarely hangs on startup

    StackOverflowError is thrown No,it's not the case
  6. How do I build installer updates from the commandline?

    First when building the original installation you should have to save the project as updatable (create .jpu file). The file includes all information about the contents of the package. If you did not do that, open MyProj.jpn with JetPackII, go to the last page and save it as updatable, say under the name "original-installation-digest". Then create new project in JetPackII, click Update and select original-installation-digest.jpu as the descriptor of the original package. Add new and modified files and save the project, e.g under name MyProj_upd1.jpn. After that you may use the command xpack MyProj_upd1.jpn -target c:\temp\UpdateMyProj.exe for automated builds.
  7. App rarely hangs on startup

    ok, please keep us posted
  8. App rarely hangs on startup

    Unfortunately, it means nothing except that being interpreted, that code seems to work. ----- With the Classic Runtime, applications run slow on dual Intel CPUs (Desktop Runtime is recommended) but we never saw it caused any crashes. ----- I'm not sure why you call the behavior a crash. As the app hangs, it looks like a thread dead lock caused by a data race. Remember that by design of Swing, you cannot (should not) manipulate Swing objects outside the Swing event-dispatch thread. Are you sure that after mf.setVisible(true); this thread does NOT directly manipulate the GUI? Please check again that SwingUtilities.invokeLater() and SwingUtiltiies.invokeAndWait() methods are used when necessary.
  9. App rarely hangs on startup

    Please send the sample and the platform spec (Linux flavor/hardware) to Excelsior Support (java at excelsior-usa.com). We will do check it on our end. BTW, does the problem appear if you disable the splash screen?
  10. Excelsior JET 6.5 beta 4

    The just-released Excelsior JET 6.5 beta 4 adds support for Eclipse RCP to the JET Installation Toolkit to enable easy deployment of RCP applications. List of the successfully tested RCP applications is published. You may find the full list of improvements in Beta 4 on the download page.
  11. JLabel with HTML prints clipped

    Yes, if the issue appears on Java SE 6 Update 10 (Sun JRE)
  12. Fatal error in Excelsior 6.5

    Thank you for this additional information. I knew that. That's clear. Most probably, these classes are generated automatically. Please send us both the project file and kdm-workbench-native.vaz and we will be back to you with a simple workaround. I guess it will significantly reduce the compilation time.
  13. JLabel with HTML prints clipped

    Please check this scenario with Sun JRE 6 Update 10 available at http://java.sun.com/products/archive/ It may be an issue specific to this particular microversion.
  14. How to call DLL by using Java ?

    You modified the sample in a wrong way. Our support engineer will contact you to make things clear. Please do not copy any DLLs to the Sun JRE (sub)folders. It's not needed to run the sample and may break other Java applications.
  15. external libs

    You was lucky. In general case, it does not work.
  16. Fatal error in Excelsior 6.5

    We need to check the JET project file (.prj) you use. Please send it to java at excelsior-usa.com
  17. JLabel with HTML prints clipped

    Does the problem appear if you run your application on Sun JRE 1.6.0_10 (Java 6 Update 10)?
  18. Service on 2K

    I suppose that you use JetPackII to create the installation package incluging the Windows service. Open your JetPackII project (.jpn), go to the page Runtime and expand the "Additional locales and charsets" node in the Optional Components pane. Then check the Hebrew Locale box, build the installation package again and test it on Win2K.
  19. work without jar and add ini files

    I guess that under "Excelsior" you mean the JET Control Panel. Simply add the directories that contain files like *.ini to the classpath. If the directories are not listed in the classpath option in the command line you use to run your app on the Sun JRE, toggle the "Manual settings" box on page Start and add the directories by hand.
  20. Are you sure that you set the exception handler for all threads?
  21. work without jar and add ini files

    Ok. With or without jar files, you run your app on the Sun JRE using certain command line. Type it on the Start page of the JET Control Panel and create the project as it is shown in this getting started tutorial http://www.excelsior-usa.com/tutorials/jet/gs/
  22. define JDK

    The latest Excelsior JET 6.4 supports both Java 6 and J2SE 1.5. A previous version we can ship on demand supports J2SE 1.4 JDK 1.2 is not supported so Excelsior JET cannot be configured for that old Java version.
  23. JFileChooser

    Taking into account the history of JFileChooser (starting from JDK 1.2), we need to double check it first. If what you say has really happened, we will definitely add support for Java 6 Update 11 in Jan 2009.
  24. So you may try Maintenance Pack 1 for Excelsior JET 6.4 available for download at http://www.excelsior-usa.com/jetdl640mp1.html It adds support for Java SE 6 Update 10.