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  1. leesouth

    Network drives

    The service I?ve compiled using Jet is meant to watch a network drive and wait for files to appear. It seems to work fine when watching a local drive but doesn?t seem to want to access a network drive. I?ve tried passing the full pathname (i.e. \\FFITSLS\Temp) and mapping a network drive (i.e. F:\Temp) but neither works (I get an IO Exception thrown with the error message: NULL). I?ve set up the service to run as a user with full control over this temp directory but this has not helped. Should I be able to write to a network drive and if not can anyone point me at some documentation that proves this so I can show this to the powers that be as proof. Thanks
  2. leesouth

    Service started then stopped

    I had read the article mentioned but this line obviously points to my problem: "If you wish your service program to wait for a proper exit of other threads, you should implement that programmatically in the run() method" Does anyone have any suggestions about how I programmatically implement this? Do most people use the sleep or wait methods of the thread class?
  3. I have a problem with an NT service I?ve compiled using Jet. I have compiled and deployed the service with no problems but when I try and start it I get the error message: The service started and then stopped. My application runs fine through Eclipse and will also output the messages from the main class to the event logger but I cannot see why the service will not stay started. I did make some progress making the service sleep for a short period of time but I want the service permanently started without coding infinite loops. I wonder if I?m just missing a class or something? Has anyone encountered this problem before or does anyone have any ideas on how I can diagnose the problem.