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  1. Yes, I mean the performance of the application. In the "Myths and Facts" section of your website (Myth 3), there seems to be stated that in some cases running an application with a JIT compiler will give better performance than running the same application, compiled ahead of time. How is this possible, since in the first case the application has to be compiled+run, while in the second case it only has to be run? (Can the advantage of knowing the configuration of the machine on which the application is running possibly make up for the extra time spent compiling? Seems unlikely to me...)
  2. Hi, I was wondering whether you guys at Excelsior are planning to go on writing your own native methods in place of those included in the Sun JRE (which as I understand was what granted JRE independence for Java versions prior to 5.0), or whether you have decided to make use from now on of Sun's native methods (which would require much less effort on your part, I think). Another question: how can Just In Time compilation ever be faster than Ahead Of Time compilation? Thanks.