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  1. Hi all I am watching this forum and the product it mainly stays for since a long time now. Did have several occasions to test and verify the high quality that Jet has got. Congratulations and thank you for that! I know about the license program you guys got. I did not have the occasion to support you directly with buying the product for corporation usage so far. I did do some open source stuff though where I was thinking about using JET for. But then - those applications either never finished or I just did not feeling like bothering you guys with it. You guys got now so many versions of JET - how about giving out the outdated non-supported versions to the community? The one bad part about this idea is, that possible customers may stick to the community version instead of buying an up-to-date version. This means they'd stick to old java versions too, though. The good part in my point of view would be the PR given due to real world usage by a wider community. You guys surely have thought already about this. I'd gladly like to see you share your reasons and arguments. Have a nice day!
  2. I always understood Jet in that way, that i may compile everything into a deployable executable without the need of any JRE. Thats what I would call JRE independency. With Jet 3.7 there is a top statement saying that "JRE-independent deployment for J2SE 5.0 is not possible". Do i get this right that I need a J2SE 5.0 JRE to run my J2SE 5.0 Java applications compiled with Jet? And that all previous J2SE 5.0 applications do not have the need for a JRE?