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    Reduce memory usage of application

    Thanks for the article. We'll experiment with the memory settings, especially with the defragment flag. Currently we just develop with Java and then distribute the JET compiled version. When I run the application inside Eclipse, I do not use -Xmx, so with heavy usage, I get an out of memory exception. We have not tried to find the right -Xmx setting, because it depends on how much MindMaps the user opens (it's a MindMapping solution) and how large the maps are. So it's always possible to completely fill the memory allocated by -Xmx. In JET we use adaptive heap size, which works well for this type of application (low memory usage at startup, higher usage while working with the application). Does the application reach any "heap limit" with adaptive heap size? So when does the GC occur with the adaptive setting? Only periodic with 1.1% CPU? So far we've measured memory with the value in the process tab, but we've experienced some strange values when the application is minimized or the window is hidden (e.g. 6 MB usage displayed in task manager process tab). Do you know if there is some application that helps measuring the real memory usage (freeware/shareware)? Regards, Karsten Lehmann
  2. Hi! We 're developing a swing application that stores data in Lotus Notes databases. On startup the application uses 40-50 MB of memory (according to the task manager). With heavy usage I can extend this value up to 150-200 MB (my machine has 1,25 GB RAM) which shrinks again after some time back to 50 MB. Is there any documentation about the garbage collection strategy JET compiled applications use? I would like to know whether 150/200 MB memory usage is just a behavior on my machine and depends on the total memory available or if this amount is really necessary. Are there any ways to force JET to release memory as soon as possible? We have a customer with a terminal server installation who get's quite worried about this kind of resource usage. How does JET behave on a machine with 256 MB of RAM? Best regards, Karsten Lehmann
  3. Hi, we are using JET for a large swing application that loads a variety of swing apis on startup (crypto classes, xml, swing elements). The startup performance is pretty poor. JET seems to compile the used JRE classes every time the application starts. Our own JAR files are compiled only once and then cached in the jittemp directory. Is there a way to cache the JRE classes in the jittemp, too? This would increase our performance dramatically. Best regards, Karsten Lehmann