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  1. klobert

    language driver interface documentation

    This is great!! Many thanks. Klobert.
  2. klobert

    language driver interface documentation

    So, are you guys still thinking on this topic..? Would be really great if you publish some examples of language DLLs. I am so eager to add my owns. Or should I dream of a bold move on your side and you publish the whole IDE source code? ...
  3. klobert

    language driver interface documentation

    If you can do that ( publish the code ), that woud be really great! MSVC++ is fine. I guess if you publish the code of a language plugin dll, we can figure out what's required to create a new one. I would really like to expand the usage of the IDE, such that I could get syntax highlightning for other languages/tools I use in development. We could even start an open source project for all enhancements Thanks.
  4. Would like to use other languages under your IDE, which is the best I ever used. Are you going to make the language driver interface doc available ? This would be great!! Thanks.