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  1. Question is closed - I have found a right sequency of keys finally.
  2. Is it possible to debug exception handlers? For example, except.mod sample program works correctly (of course) when it is launched as a standalone application, but when I am trying to trace it in the debugger, XD displays its own error message and does not allow to step through the exceptional part of code (breakpoints are ignored too).
  3. yup

    Max. size of type

    Ok. I am stopping to bother you with this abstract topic - I have a more important question instead (in another thread).
  4. yup

    Max. size of type

    A question in the first message was pure academical, but the last message was rather practical. And yes - I treated your answer exactly as you said: "a limitation of implementation". But taking into account that development of compiler is closed, I did not expect so vivid reaction in your last answer. Or there is a hope?
  5. yup

    Max. size of type

    Yes, I have. But initial sentence was unambiguous: "must fit into INTEGER". As a mathematician and an old Modula-2 programmer I treat your words literally: if you said "a luminium", then it is a luminium. And aside note (without any jokes): if _calculations_ appear on a scene (not just assignments), then any artifical limitations are pointless - one may define a type ARRAY [1..2048] OF CARD8, and then want to calculate a total size of 2000000 of such arrays.
  6. yup

    Max. size of type

    But compiler does not apply this limitation for 16 bit base types: when M2BASE16 option is ON, all the above mentioned definitions are allowed. Is it a compiler bug or just an inconsistency? ;-)
  7. yup

    Max. size of type

    I surmised this. But what was a reason to use an integer variable for calculation of value known to be non-negative? - It's still my curiosity (or education, maybe ).
  8. Can anybody satisfy my curiosity: Why max. size of type is MAX(CARDINAL)/2 - 1 and not MAX(CARDINAL)+1 (or just MAX(CARDINAL)) as one may expect? (For example, it is not possible to declare neither TYPE String = ARRAY CARDINAL OF CHAR; nor TYPE String = ARRAY [0..MAX(CARDINAL) DIV 2] OF CHAR; but TYPE String = ARRAY [0..MAX(CARDINAL) DIV 2 - 1] OF CHAR; is acceptable definition.) I am not asking about variables; size of type - what is limited.
  9. As I have wrote above, I can prepare and send you an image of a bootable floppy (or CD-ROM) with OS/2 - even with access to FAT32/HPFS partitions, so you will be able to do everything what you need on your existent Windows boxes, without installing it on any single computer. It is quit alive under another brand name - eComStation. (I am a member of eCS/rus development team.)
  10. Oh! Have you really lost your existed binaries that you distributed in the past? Or do they require a recompilation? If so, may we provide you with a copy of OS/2 in a virtual machine or on a real H/W? (All necessary software can be placed on one bootable floppy.)
  11. It's great! But could you add the OS/2 version to this list?