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  1. tombang1

    JetPerfect dll and Delphi

    I finally figured out the problem. It was an incomplete .usg file during the run of delphiMain in perfect mode. Though i always suspected this.Initially when it ran the example it would throw incomplete usg files while doing a loadlibrary of the dll. But once it got over that it would reach the FindClass call and die there. But would never complain about incomplete usg file. I am myself unsure how i did it but i somehow coaxed it to output the extra usg that it wasnt throwing out before. And once i got hold of that and rebuilt the dll everythingl started working gracefully in the perfect mode. Thanks though to MAVR for crucial help extended.
  2. tombang1

    JetPerfect dll and Delphi

    oh i forgot to mention. That is already done. Let me show where exactly i get the error after i did a trace on the example (DelphiMain) procedure loadDLL (name: PAnsiChar); var dllClassHandle: THandle; begin dllClassHandle := LoadLibrary (name); dllClassHandle := 0; if dllClassHandle = 0 then begin Write (#13#10'error LoadLibrary'#13#10); Halt (1); end; dllClass := env^.FindClass(env, name); if not Assigned (dllClass) then begin Write (#13#10'DLL not loaded'#13#10); Halt (1); end; Write ('DLL loaded'#13#10); end; The error i am getting is "DLL not loaded" and that error is only thrown at one place when a env^.findclass is called in the above piece of code. The usg file is also not updated when this error is thrown. so there isnt even an issue with the dll. env^.findClass seems to return a null. I tried it with different JVM's compiled(1.4.1 and 1.4.2 ) still no luck. the prj file looks like this. -gendll+ -perfect+ -outputname = dllClass -UsgFileAutoCompletion = SAFE -IncludeTimeZoneInfo+ -IncludeLoggingAPI+ -IncludeDetectedLocales+ !module dllClass.class !module test.usg am i missing any flag that could make this work with delphi.
  3. tombang1

    JetPerfect dll and Delphi

    I tried the example(DelphiMain) provided by JET and i get the same error. Note: The error only occurs only in the perfect mode only with delphi. In case of the example the dll was compiled using the +perfect flag and .usg files are created and used to create a complete dll. But when running the example using the perfect version of dll , the find class call in the test.pas returns null. Also the previous versions of JET do not exhibit this error.
  4. tombang1

    JetPerfect dll and Delphi

    I am using excelsior 3.7 as well and see the same issue as mentioned above. Any idea of how to fix this?