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    SCSL License in Jet 3.8???

    Not bad at all. Should I understand it as: You'll compile Sun jre into some RT dlls (i.e provide the 'compiled' jre as a set of dlls). Of course I's like to see future optimizations to "shrink" those DLLs or link them statically into the exe, but half a year is a short time constrain IMO. Again many customers will be happy to have 20Mb of DLLs instead of one rt file (coz everyone knows that java is slow ). Seriously, with Mustang + your compiler Java has a bright future! Good work!
  2. Hello! It's happen to me to read in this forum that the next version of JET will support full (JRE-less) compilation througth SCSL license. As far as I undestand there is no technical limits to do so and with a new Sun license you can finally do it. Could you provide more information please - something like planned timeline for the next version (if any). Kind Regards, Demetrio