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  1. redant53

    JRE-LESS  & jdbc-odbc

    From the following article, my understanding is: jre-less can be done on jdbc-odbc bridge (my jre enviornment is j2sdk1.4.2_08 ). However, my database cannot be opened with my JetPackII jre-less install package. Is it because of I am using evaluation version? Need help ASAP, Thanks very much! From Excelsior JET User's Guide: JRE-less operation Professional Edition only: The runtime library of Excelsior JET, Professional Edition includes Excelsior?s own, Windows-optimized implementation of native methods for all Java 2 platform classes except for AWT and Swing. Therefore, any Java application not using AWT or Swing (batch, server-side, using third-party GUI library like IBM SWT, etc.) compiled with the Professional Edition does not require the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to be installed on the target system. Nevertheless, you have an option to force usage of JRE native methods by setting the property jet.usejre: SET JETVMPROP=-Djet.usejre MyApp arg1 arg2 You may wish to do this if your compiled application behaves incorrectly when using native methods from JET runtime library, See System properties for more information on setting system properties.
  2. redant53

    JRE-LESS  & jdbc-odbc

    Hi, sir, our application using jdbc-odbc bridge to open a Access .mdb file. we still want the jre-less feature. How should we solve this? do you have any suggestion? thanks. I appreciate a lot. kevin