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  1. martinso

    Generics support

    Actually I tried RetroWeaver, a tool to transform Java 1.5 class files to 1.4 or 1.3 ones. The idea is to use generics and all of that stuff in JVMs that does not support Java 1.5. Seems to work fine with JET so far. Thanks /Martin
  2. martinso

    Generics support

    Hi, I have understood from the messages here that JRE-less deployment is not possible today with Java 1.5. But can I use generics / enhanced for-loop / autoboxing unboxing (not using nay new 1.5 API's), compile it for Java 1.4 class file format and have a JET-compilation for a JRE-less deployment with JET 3.7. /Martin S?derstr?m