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    XDS 2.6 beta

    Is it hard for you to port XDS to Mac? http://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#documentation/Porting/Conceptual/PortingUnix/intro/intro.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40002847-TPXREF101
  2. > Do we speak of units and dozens or about hundreds ands thousands of people? I have no idea how many may interested in your project in future. I see a dozen here on your forum. More likely you may attract more if GPL, less if it's not. >What is that part of the community that we hope to attract on our side? If you mean software developers community you may attract anyone who can find something useful in your staff. > Modula-2 adherents that are using XDS already or still do not wish to use it? Or someone from C++/C#/Java world? I don?t know who may interested in XDS modula/oberon. Could be anyone who can find you on internet and decide to check your code. Please excuse me for my other questions not related to XDS but to your answers. Why you are laughing? Is it because you see no future to your project when some one else do their job with C++/C#/Java but not XDS? I believe you may have some future. As soon as some one wish to donate a money to your project it's not too bad. BTW, it's all up to you what to do next. You can give it away or bury under the ground. It's all your decisions. I was just willing to help you with hope you can help me. Wish you all the best.
  3. Another point why it's worth to go GPL is the fact that developers can donate not only the money but source code as well. We all know how it is difficult to prepare right conditions to reproduce some problems. The open source code with versions control let us make a fix and introduce it to merge in a very short time. It?s obviously boosts the productivity and reduce the bugs fix time. Also, some of us own a code which we may decide to share with project. That may add a new value and attract some other people to use XDS in their developments. Please excuse me if I?m saying well known things. What do you think is any probability that XDS will go GPL in near future? Best regards.
  4. I think it's vital for XDS to make full sources sort of GPL. I've seen some messages on this forum which gave me thought that XDS developers are suffering of financial problems. I would love to donate if they open the way to do that, as Sourceforge folks or others do. Best regards.