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    Reducing Application installation size

    Even though it's a private copy that only the application can access? Hmmm, that's a shame. I guess one last question is: when will (or will you ever) port the AWT and SWING libraries to x86 so that apps aren't dependent on a JRE?
  2. I am working at a university and for part of my research have had reason to write a SWING application. However, I need to have this application run on machines that do not have JREs, so I turned to Excelsior JET. It works wonderfully and does everything that it is supposed to do. The raw size of my compiled .exe file after it comes out of the compiler is .5 MB. After running JetPack to make an installer, the size of the installer is 26 MB, which is a very large increase in size. I understand that this is because of the JRE that must be bundled with it, but is there any way to reduce the size of the JRE, to only include the parts of the JRE that are used? Would this make the installer smaller? I'm hoping for a size of less than 10 MB to keep download times reasonable.