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  1. rmaciag

    Manuals for freeware version?

    Hi everybody ! Pls, just ignore my previous posts in this thread. At the end I printed the document from the website (html). It came out fine and it did not take a long time to print as there were only five or six frames in total. Regards Robert
  2. rmaciag

    Manuals for freeware version?

    ... on a different subject ... qnr ... judging by your personal pic, you appear to be an ex-Atari user ... hmmm ... old days ... Actually I did program in Modula-2 on my ST with a kit from TDI I did my first MSc project with it ... GEM, AES, ... who remembers it now ... late 80s early 90s ... never mind ... I got a bit sentimental ... my appologies ...
  3. rmaciag

    Manuals for freeware version?

    Thanks. Well, I cannot try Linux versions as I only have Windows installed on my personal PCs (I am an old git trying to remember how to program anything). I downloaded and extracted / decompressed four files : xds-x86-251-enduser-win32.exe tscp-x86-251-enduser-win32.exe xds-c-251-enduser-win32.exe tscp-c-251-enduser-win32.exe As a result I ended up with seven pdf files in the PDF folder : h2d.pdf isolib.pdf o2rep.pdf xc.pdf xd.pdf xdslib.pdf xm.pdf .... but no trace of any file like "isom2.pdf". I conclude that the document "ISO Modula-2 Language Reference" (as accessible on the website in html) is not included in the pdf format in any of the four downloadable XDS files (for Windows). Some will probably say : tough .... ... well, I will have no choice but agree. Anyway, thanks for the reply ... Regards Robert
  4. rmaciag

    Manuals for freeware version?

    I re-installed all four components of the Windows based version of the XDS and I still cannot find the "ISO Modula-2 Language Reference" document in pdf format. I have Wirth's "Programming in Modula-2" book (4th edition) from my old days at the uni but a printable copy of the XDS reference document would be very useful. Please, let me know if a printable (pdf) version of the isom2.html document is available for downloading. Thanks and Regards
  5. rmaciag

    Manuals for freeware version?

    So far I have not been able to locate a printable version of the "ISO Modula-2 Language Reference" document (as the one accessable online as isom2.html). I think I unzipped all downloaded files but, possibly, I missed something. Can anyone advise me if this document (in pdf format) is somewhere among downloadable files ? This is not a critical issue. I just wanted to have a complete set of all XDS related documents. Kind Regards Robert