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  1. This the single cause why XDS is not yet open source?
  2. The effort is not worth the result for us. It would be just a loss of engineering resources. There are already open source Modula-2 compilers and that does not help much to grow the community. "As is" it means as is at present. Without any additional efforts and loss of engineering resources, there can be some loss of intellectual property. Unfortunately, I did not see any high-grade ISO Modula-2 compiler with an open source comparable with XDS or StonyBrook.
  3. You could properly encourage the Modula-2 community, having released the XDS in open source (AS IS). What you lose from this step? Whereas the development and even product support has stopped many years ago. :'(
  4. uranus

    Modula-2 IDE

    p1 Modula-2
  5. One more year has passed...
  6. uranus

    From Cardinal to Integer.

    Look at http://www.excelsior-usa.com/doc/isom203.html#236
  7. uranus


    It's old-time compiler bug. \