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  1. My application uses several JLabels with HTML text. In all test runs in Eclipse, the labels are printed correctly. But when printing through the compiled code, some labels are clipped at the right, several pixels are lost. Compiler: Jet Professional 6.4/Java SE 6 update 10, MP1, with hot fix jet-640-hotfix18-pro-en-win32, running under XP Pro 5.1 SP3 I reinstalled Jet with MP1 and without the hot fix, and the problem remained. Without MP1 and the hot fix, the problem doesn't happen.
  2. JLabel with HTML prints clipped

    Does this mean I have to wait for an add-on for update 11?
  3. JLabel with HTML prints clipped

    Good point. I tested the application with 1.6-11, couldn't find update 10. Test was ok.
  4. I have installed a Jet-generated application (Standard 4.0) in three machines with XP and it was ok. But in Windows 2000, the application failed with the message attached. It was trying to load a XML-menu using DocumentBuilderFactory.
  5. OutOfMemoryError in Win 2000

    I reinstalled Jet 6.4 and there was no compile error. The trial run after compiling was fine, but trial run in JetPack resulted in the message attached. By the way, at first there was no significant difference in the size of the executable, am I missing something?
  6. OutOfMemoryError in Win 2000

    Sorry, I don't have it. I uninstalled the new version (expecting that I don't miss the trial period), and when things get calm here I will try again.
  7. OutOfMemoryError in Win 2000

    It worked, thank you very much. I tried Jet new version, but there was a compile-time error that I had never seen and at this moment I have no room for uncertainties in my planning.
  8. An user got the message on the subject. followed by "contact support".
  9. runtime error #3(trap) in jet

    The user hasn't told me how to reproduce the error and I don't know how. As no more reports have been made, I'm not taking care of the issue any more.
  10. runtime error #3(trap) in jet

    Maybe I should mention that this issue was submitted to Excelsior support.
  11. runtime error #3(trap) in jet

    The application uses a DLL called ICE_Registry to access Windows registry. But this happens since at least 2 Jet versions ago, and there never was any problem related to that DLL.
  12. Jet 4.0 doesn't start

    I bought Jet 4.0 and installed it, but it doesn't "want" to run, JetPack neither. No window, no messages. Evaluation version ran ok.
  13. Jet 4.0 doesn't start

    I got Jet 4 working after removing some registry keys and uninstalling everything related. I don't know exactly what made it work.
  14. Nice, nice Jet 4.0. The installer size went down from 52 to 29 MB. No 1,5 hour profile compiling. Memory usage seems to be lesser at a first look, though I can't be sure. Congratulations.
  15. Problems Running Compiled Program

    and practical effects of that are...
  16. Problems Running Compiled Program

    Good news, I'm testing Java exe wrappers and almost ready to change. Deleting JRE files as authorized by Sun I got 52 MB.
  17. Problems Running Compiled Program

    Bad, bad Jet. Without including the whole JET runtime, the application doesn't start. Including 3 of them the program runs but two mouse classes doesn't work. And including whole JET runtime increases the installation by almost 30 MB. Is there a money back guarantee? I think I'm going back to jar with all disadvantages.
  18. Problems Running Compiled Program

    If I just include the missing DLL should it work? I mean, by trior and error.
  19. Maybe we could have a description of Jet DLLs content so that some of them may not be included in the install package.