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    Apple OS X Support?

    Did you ever think there is no demand because there is no Java ahead-of-time compiler for the Mac? Did you ever think that you could create the demand by releasing it? Or that you could increase the use of Java on the Mac platform if it this was available. (Yeah I know its a chicken before the egg type of issue) I deal in creating and supporting Java applications that run in Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. Trying to make that write once run any where dream as close to a reality as possible. (yeah right) One of the few things holding use back from jumping in on JET is its lack of Mac OS X support. I would think everyone who has purchased a Windows/Linux license of JET would jump at obtaining a Mac OS X version of JET. Thanks for your response...
  2. aalst

    Apple OS X Support?

    Are there any plans in the near future to support Apple's OS X? I wouldn't think it a difficult port from the Linux version to the Darwin version, but I could be wrong. Since Java is "supposed" to be cross platform, it would be very useful for a tool like JET to be as cross platform as possible, at least the big 3. Please let me know... thanks...
  3. Does JET 3.7 or the future 4.0 support dynamically compiling a JRE? What I mean by this, would be compiling into your executable only the parts of the JRE that you are dependent on. To keep the distribution small. I know Sun doesn't allow this, however they are not the only freely available JRE/JVM. THere is JC (http://jcvm.sourceforge.net/) and JamVM (http://jamvm.sourceforge.net/) plus Excelsior could write their own, or one based on the GNU Classpath project. My hold out on purchasing JET is that it doesn't appear to support this. That I am still required to have the JRE installed on the computer that will run the native executable, or use JetPackII that will create an installation package that will install your executable with the JRE. This still ads over 25mb to your application. When if you are only using a very small portion of the JRE where maybe all you need is 5-7mb of it. Plus it would be nice if it was just part of your executable or a external library in the same directory. Please let me know what I am missing about JET, or if I am on track, and maybe Excelsior is on a path that solves these issues. Thanks...