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    Compiling Eclipse Plug-In AOT

    In other words if we include our plug-ins with the Eclipse RCP platform, and then compile then whole lot with Excelsior JET it should work. I read the Excelsior paper on compiling Eclipse. Reading between the lines, due to the use of class loader in Eclipse, it appears Excelsior JET cannot fully compile all the bytecode to native code. In other words the class files for the plug-ins might still be around. Is that true? The goal of the exercise really is for anti-piracy. Although not desirable, we could live with compiling the entire Eclipse platform together with our proprietary plug-ins. What approach would you recommend? Thanks, Stephen
  2. We are looking for a way to compile a Eclipse plug-in AOT into native code, for anti-piracy reasons. We are NOT looking to compile the entire Eclipse program using JET, but just a particular set of plug-ins we have written. The JET compiled Eclipse plug-ins must still be installable into a standard Eclipse installation (i.e. non-native compiled). Is that possible at all?