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    Reducing Application installation size

    Dammit. I just started evaluating JET about three days ago, because I am looking to build a very small Java executable - a dockable ticker - that can be downloaded quickly and requires no JRE. My client has a dockable ticker app, but it's in C/C++. They want to see it done in Java, and they want it to be as small as possible. The current downloadable package is about 2.1M in size. And with the evaluation version of 3.7, I was able to get them a prototype that was only slightly targer. I used SWT and Java 1.4 so I didn't need any runtime components. But I haven't yet bought a license for JET - I didn't want to spend the dough until I won the contract. And I have other similar projects I was looking forward to using JET for. What the heck do I do, now that I can't buy 3.7 from Excelsior, and 4.0 won't make anything smaller than - what, 8 megs? That isn't gonna win me the contract. Am I just screwed? Larry Edelstein San Francisco, CA